Cybersecurity Services

Consulting Services:

We follow a Secure Software Development Lifecycle that includes continuous security throughout product life cycle.

Web Application Security:

Our team uses semi-automated vulnerability scanners to detect security bugs and also ensures false positives are ruled out, including cloud applications.


Helping customers to implement a Secure SDLC Lifecycle with Automated solutions. (Both Open Source & Commercial tools)

Architecture Review:

The assessment should evaluate the design documents and identify any missing security checks or risks associated with organization assets.

Penetration Testing:

Process of authorized simulated attack to gain entry into applications/networks with the highest level of privileges.

Mobile Application Assessment:

With end-to-end security checks for mobile apps, you can be confident that your information will remain protected. Methodology: OWASP Mobile Top 10.

Network Security Testing:

This process helps to identify any potential security vulnerabilities on the network infrastructure resources.

Cloud- Security Audit:

Auditing CSP (like AWS) vendor's resources like EC2, S3 Buckets and VPC's are configured as per the CIS/NIST benchmarks.

Auditing Micro-services:

Review Docker, Kubernetes etc End-End-Secure Communication, Secrets Leaking, Public API Keys, RBAC & hardening policies, namespace bypass etc

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